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The Annual Meetings of International Advisory Committee and Academic Committee held in November 2018


    The Annual meetings of International Advisory Committee (IAC) and the Academic Committee (AC) of the State Key Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces (PCOSS) were held in Xiamen on November 11-12 and 18-19, repectively. 

    On both meetings, Prof. Ye Wang, director of PCOSS delivered the overall progress reports of PCOSS for the period of 2014-2018 in both research direction, research results and management, and existing problems that may hamper the healthy development of PCOSS. Prof. Wang asked for advices from committee member to prepare for the next year’s national evaluation. The reports received very good advices from both committees.

    On the IAC meeting, Prof. Haichao Xu, Xiaoyu Cao and Jianfeng Li gave talks on their recent results, followed by the talks from our new members (Profs. Yang Cao, Shuai Wang, and Binju Wang). 

    On the AC meeting, Prof. Suyuan Xie, Nanfeng Zheng, Chaoyong Yang, Dongping Zhan, Gang Fu and Honggang Liao covering topics from clusters, to energy and biology-related systems to characterization techniques. Then, four new members Profs. Ye Yang, Sheng Hu, Binju Wang and Jiawei Yan introduced themselves and their researches to the AC members.

    Both committee members actively communicated with the PCOSS members and gave very valuable suggestions to PCOSS on both the preparation for evaluation and for the future development of the laboratory.