[SMALL] 我室侯旭教授发表论文: Bioinspired Universal Flexible Elastomer-Based Microchannels


我室侯旭教授在 Small上发表论文: Bioinspired Universal FlexibleElastomer-Based Microchannels



Flexibleand stretchable microscale fluidic devices have a broad range of potentialapplications, ranging from electronic wearable devices for convenient digitallifestyle to biomedical devices. However, simple ways to achieve stableflexible and stretchable fluidic microchannels with dynamic liquid transporthave been challenging because every application for elastomeric microchannelsis restricted by their complex fabrication process and limited materialselection. Here we show a universal strategy for building microfluidic devicesthat possess exceptionally stable and stretching properties. The devicesexhibit superior mechanical deformability, including high strain (967%) andrecovery ability, where applications as both strain sensor and pressure-flowregulating device are demonstrated. Various microchannels are combined withorganic, inorganic, and metallic materials as stable composite microfluidics.Furthermore, with surface chemical modification these stretchable microfluidicdevices can also obtain anti-fouling property to suit for a broad range ofindustrial and biomedical applications.