Conceptual Advance in the Synthetic Development of Crystalline Porous Materials


报告题目:Conceptual Advance in the Synthetic Development of Crystalline Porous Materials

报告人:Prof. Pingyun Feng,Department Chemistry, University California at Riverside




Different synthetic strategies will be presented and applied on the improvement of properties of functional metal-organic framework materials (MOFs).  These synthesized MOF materials possess highly tunable compositions, structures, and properties. This presentation discusses synthetic-structural concepts and paradigms to create new crystalline porous materials with unprecedented chemical-structural features and architectural design for high-performance gas-sorption-based applications. The cooperative effect of different metal elements such as charge complementarity allows crystallization of materials with highly novel compositions, greater stability, and much improved gas adsorption properties. To optimize the pore space utilization, different methods have been developed for geometrical and topological control. In particular, pore space partitioning and engineering on different platforms encompassing both cage- and channel-based configurations have been designed, leading to even greater enhancement of gas sorption properties.