Solar energy-driven lignin-first approach to full biomass valorization using CdS quantum dots


The major research field of our group is Catalysis for C1 & Sustainable Chemistry. The group has 5 major research topics:

1.    Transformation of Syngas into Liquid Fuels & Chemicals.

2.    Activation and Selective Conversion of C1 Molecules (CO, CO2, CH4, CH3OH, HCHO) Involving Controlled C-C Coupling.

3.    Valorization of Lignin, Cellulose and Related Bio-based Molecules.

4.    C-H Bond Activation Chemistry.

5.    C-O/C-C Bond Cleavage Chemistry.

The group uses methodologies of not only conventional homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis but also photocatalysis and electrocatalysis. We are particularly interested in developing new methods and discovering new systems or catalysts for highly challenging targets. The group is also making effort to push the discoveries by our group to practical processes.




Selected Targets of Current Interest