[Advanced Materials] 我室李剑锋教授发表论文:Plasmonic Core–Shell Nanomaterials and their Applications in Spectroscopies

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我室李剑锋教授在 Advanced Materials 上发表论文:Plasmonic Core–Shell Nanomaterials and their Applications in Spectroscopies

摘要:Plasmonic core–shell nanostructures have attracted considerable attention in the scientific community recently due to their highly tunable optical properties. Plasmon‐enhanced spectroscopies are one of the main applications of plasmonic nanomaterials. When excited by an incident laser of suitable wavelength, strong and highly localized electromagnetic (EM) fields are generated around plasmonic nanomaterials, which can significantly boost excitation and/or radiation processes that amplify Raman, fluorescence, or nonlinear signals and improve spectroscopic sensitivity. Herein, recent developments in plasmon‐enhanced spectroscopies utilizing core–shell nanostructures are reviewed, including shell‐isolated nanoparticle‐enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SHINERS), plasmon‐enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy, and plasmon‐enhanced nonlinear spectroscopy.