[Advanced Materials] 我室汪骋教授发表论文:Excited State Energy Transfer in Metal‐Organic Frameworks

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我室汪骋教授在 Advanced Materials 上发表论文:Excited State Energy Transfer in Metal‐Organic Frameworks

摘要:Excited state energy transfer in metal‐organic frameworks (MOFs) is of great interest due to potential application of these materials in photocatalysis and fluorescence sensing. In photocatalysis, a light‐harvesting antenna of MOFs can collect energy from a much larger area than a single reaction center and efficiently transport the energy to the active site to enhance photocatalytic efficiency, mimicking nature photosynthesis. In fluorescence sensing, excited state traveling on the framework can search for analyte quencher molecules to give amplified fluorescence quenching, so that one quencher turns off multiple excited states to enhance signal. Key to these designer performances is highly efficient energy transfer on these framework materials that are determined by types of excited states, dimension of the materials, and structure of the frameworks. Advancement of MOF synthetic chemistry provides new tools to control the rate and directionality of energy transfer in these materials, opening opportunities in manipulating excited states at an unprecedented level.