[Advanced Materials] 我室龙腊生教授发表论文:Inorganic–Organic Hybrid Molecular Materials: From Multiferroic to Magnetoelectric

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我室龙腊生教授在 Advanced Materials 上发表论文:Inorganic–Organic Hybrid Molecular Materials: From Multiferroic to Magnetoelectric

摘要:Inorganic–organic hybrid molecular multiferroic and magnetoelectric materials, similar to multiferroic oxide compounds, have recently attracted increasing attention because they exhibit diverse architectures, a flexible framework, fascinating physics, and potential magnetoelectric functionalities in novel multifunctional devices such as energy transformation devices, sensors, and information storage systems. Herein, the classification of multiferroicity and magnetoelectricity is briefly outlined and then the recent advances in the multiferroicity and magnetoelectricity of inorganic–organic hybrid molecular materials, particularly magnetoelectricity and the relevant magnetoelectric mechanisms and their categories are summarized. In addition, a personal perspective and an outlook are provided.