[Chem] 我室熊海峰教授发表论文:Vapor-phase self-assembly for generating thermally stable single atom catalysts

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我室熊海峰教授在 Chem 上发表论文:Vapor-phase self-assembly for generating thermally stable single atom catalysts

摘要:With maximum atom efficiency, single-atom catalysts have attracted extensive attention in catalysis. However, metal single-atom catalysts (SACs) are thermodynamically unstable under reaction conditions, especially on conventional supports that have a weak metal-support interaction. Here, we report a new design principle, vapor-phase self-assembly, to efficiently anchor Pt single atoms on a conventional support MgAl2O4. We demonstrated a stable triangular K3O3 structure to serve as sites for trapping isolated Pt species, leading to a superior stability in methane oxidation. We also investigated other alkali metal cations (Li, Na, and Cs), metal centers (Ru, Ir, and Au), and oxide supports (SiO2, NiAl2O4, CoAl2O4, and MgCr2O4). The results were used to reveal the generality of this approach. This work paves the way for preparing thermally/hydrothermally stable SACs using supports that provide only weak metal-support interaction while having the high surface area inherited by these supports.