[JPCL] 我室张洪良教授和杨晔教授发表论文:Barrierless Self-Trapping of Photocarriers in Co3O4

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我室张洪良教授和杨晔教授在 JPCL 上发表论文:Barrierless Self-Trapping of Photocarriers in Co3O4

摘要:The self-trapping of a free carrier in transition-metal oxides can lead to a small polaron, which is responsible for the inadequate performance of the oxide-based optoelectronic applications. Thus, fundamental understanding of the self-trapping mechanism is of key importance for improving the performance of these applications. Herein, the self-trapping in Co3O4 epitaxial monocrystalline films is investigated primarily by transient absorption spectroscopy. The spectral evolution corresponding to the ultrafast transition from free carriers to small polarons is identified, which allows us to extract the self-trapping kinetics. The relationship between the self-trapping rate and temperature suggests a lack of thermal activation energy. A barrierless self-trapping mechanism derived from the small polaron framework is then proposed, which can successfully describe the observation that self-trapping rate decreases linearly with increasing temperature. Given that small polarons are ubiquitous in transition-metal oxides, this self-trapping mechanism is potentially a general phenomenon in these materials.