[Nano Letters] 我室乔羽教授和孙世刚教授发表论文:Stabilizing Li–O2 Batteries with Multifunctional Fluorinated Graphene

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我室乔羽教授和孙世刚教授在 Nano Letters 上发表论文:Stabilizing Li–O2 Batteries with Multifunctional Fluorinated Graphene

摘要:As a full cell system with attractive theoretical energy density, challenges faced by Li–O2 batteries (LOBs) are not only the deficient actual capacity and superoxide-derived parasitic reactions on the cathode side but also the stability of Li-metal anode. To solve simultaneously intrinsic issues, multifunctional fluorinated graphene (CFx, x = 1, F-Gr) was introduced into the ether-based electrolyte of LOBs. F-Gr can accelerate O2 transformation and O2-participated oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) process, resulting in enhanced discharge capacity and restrained O2-derived side reactions of LOBs, respectively. Moreover, F-Gr induced the F-rich and O-depleted solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) film formation, which have improved Li-metal stability. Therefore, energy storage capacity, efficiency, and cyclability of LOBs have been markedly enhanced. More importantly, the method developed in this work to disperse F-Gr into an ether-based electrolyte for improving LOBs’ performances is convenient and significant from both scientific and engineering aspects.