[ACIE] 我室洪文晶教授发表论文:Characterizaion and Application of Supramolecular Junctions

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我室洪文晶教授在 ACIE 上发表论文:Characterizaion and Application of Supramolecular Junctions

摘要:The convergence of supramolecular chemistry and single-molecule electronics offers a new perspective on supramolecular electronics, and provides a new avenue toward understanding and application of intermolecular charge transport at the molecular level. In this review, we provide an overview of the advances in the characterization technique for the investigation of intermolecular charge transport, and summarize the experimental investigation of several non-covalent interactions, including  π-π stacking interactions, hydrogen bonding, host-guest interactions and σ-σ interactions at the single-molecule level. We also present a perspective on supramolecular electronics and discuss the potential applications and future challenges.