[JACS] 我室汪骋教授和谭元植教授发表论文:Hexa-Branched Nanographenes with Large Two-Photon Absorption

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我室汪骋教授和谭元植教授在 JACS 上发表论文:Hexa-Branched Nanographenes with Large Two-Photon Absorption

摘要:The conventional approach toward molecules with large two-photon absorption (TPA) involves donor–acceptor conjugation. Herein we show a new strategy involving the use of hexa-branched nanographenes. We synthesized two hexa-branched nanographenes, one with six benzoaceanthrylene arms fused to the coronene core and the other with six pyrenyl arms fused to the coronene core. Neither of these hexa-branched nanographenes has a donor–acceptor structure, yet they exhibited high TPA values of 3.6 × 103 and 1.9 × 104 GM, respectively, which are the highest values recorded for heteroatom-free hydrocarbon molecules. Theoretical analysis suggests that the fused branched structures are responsible for the large TPA cross-section. These findings illustrate the importance of the topology of the fused conjugated skeleton in TPA and provide an alternative structural design toward large TPA.